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A Theme in Eb Major, C Minor

The new concept album produced, performed, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nigel Evan Dennis. The album was developed as an idea of creating an album with a unifying tonal theme as well as context. It is meant as a score of sorts.

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Physical or otherwise, we are complex beings. Our bodies weave in and out of themselves creating a perfect, harmonious connection; both electric impulses and shocks, and fluids that conduct the business it must: a sense of self, or the lack thereof. A pounding heart. Birth. Growth. Decay. Expiration.

The response from one organ to the next. That feeling of electricity coursing through our veins when we feel a joy that our hearts and souls cannot contain. Feeling that shock: our very souls connecting, when we physically and spiritually connect with another human being.

Hearing new sounds. Seeing new sights. Feeling new feelings. Smelling new scents. Absorbing them. Remembering them. Connecting them to moments, things, people we love or hate. Allowing things that interact with our physical bodies to help form us, make us what we are. Every break, every tear, every bruise.

Pain, physical, traveling from one part of the body to the next. Pain, metaphysical, experiencing heartbreak for the first time. A tear streaming down your cheek. An anguish you cannot describe, but you do overcome. We are fragile beings. Fragile and beautiful. Our limbs working (in)perfect or imperfect harmony, but altogether beautiful. Cannot be denied.

Heart, soul & mind as a compass.

Our bodies are a beautiful combination of things seen and unseen. Billions of cells traveling, connecting, interacting. A complex traffic pattern of self, mind, spirit & body. We are beautiful creatures for every reason imaginable.

This album is meant to live as a soundtrack. A score - set to us. To our beautiful imperfect intricacies. To our beautiful souls and minds. To our complex cells and connections. It is meant as a reflection of our beauty in life and in death. It was recorded with this in mind and with an earnest attempt at capturing the essence of this idea.

To us.


All songs written, performed, produced & recorded by Nigel Evan Dennis
Consulting production by Patric Fallon
Recorded at home in the Fall and Winter of 2014

Art direction & design by Nigel Evan Dennis
Illustration by David McLeod

Thank you.

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